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The New Yorker

In The New Yorker · James B. Stewart · August 20 & 27, 2001

The World Of Business: MatchmakerNew Yorker

From The New Yorker

“Erica Feidner knows the piano you want.””

“We don’t know anyone who has done what Erica has done,” …”If only we could clone her. How does she do it?” — Frank Mazurco, Steinway & Sons

“Erica Feidner has a gift…No one who experiences it seems to forget it.”James B. Stewart

“It is not unusual for Feidner’s customers to describe her as a force of nature. This is not because they feel pressured by her but because after they meet her many soon find themselves in the grip of musical ambitions they never knew they harbored.”

“Feidner refuses to sell what she considers an inadequate piano…She will often ask a customer to wait until the right piano materializes…Her sales success stems from the large volume of customers who ask specifically for her…In many cases, they suggest Feidner because their own experience with her was so positive or memorable, and because her involvement with her clients doesn’t end with the sale of a piano.

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