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Frequently Asked Questions

Each piano has a unique soul. Erica will help you navigate through the process of finding your perfect piano within your own financial comfort zone.

Are all pianos the same, if the make and size are the same?

The fascinating truth is that each piano has a unique soul, just like the person who sits down to play it. Even when the make, size, style, finish, age, design, construction, parts, craftspeople, suppliers, manufacturing process, and price are identical, each piano will still sound and feel distinct.

“Pianos are made primarily of organic materials which dictate each piano’s DNA,” says Erica

How can one possibly navigate through this complicated maze and choose the perfect piano?

The Piano Matchmaker™ makes this seemingly daunting process into an educational and joyful adventure.

What if my budget does not allow for a fine piano?

The Piano Matchmaker will help you find the best balance between price and value, and helps the client remain in their own financial comfort zone.

Why start with the best piano you can afford?

Buying a piano is a substantial investment—or a costly mistake. It is essentially an investment in musical education: The higher the quality of the piano, the better the sound and responsiveness. The better the sound and responsiveness, the better the chances that the player can realize their full potential.

Why is the right selection critical?

The right selection has the capacity to positively affect a student’s musical endeavors.

The benefits of playing the piano are well known. Playing on a fine piano means progress is fostered in record time and also trains the ear to hear qualities of sound that the player might not otherwise have the chance to hear.

“I believe with that the beginning pianist deserves the very best instrument just like anyone else. After all, the beginner is the one who needs the most help!”.— Erica Feidner