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In the News

The Food Network

From the Food Network’s “Genuine Article” Gordon Elliot talks with Erica about the craft behind the world’s finest pianos.


The Piano Matchmaker™, Erica vanderLinde Feidner, is featured on CNN.

The New Yorker

Review of “The Accidental Pianist” – a fascinating story written by the esteemed author and neurologist, Dr. Oliver Sacks, featuring a client of “The Piano Matchmaker™.

Brooks Community Newspapers

So You’re Thinking of Purchasing a Fine Piano….10 Essential Points to Consider

Achieve Sales Excellence

Erica Feidner is profiled about her ability to match potential buyers to pianos.

The Miss Vermont Newsletter

I found that I wanted to do just what I had done during my year as Miss Vermont: to reach out to people, bring the joy of music to them and encourage them to bring more music into their lives.

Westport News

People In The News: Local Expert Shares Secrets With Piano Dealers in Vienna. “Westport resident, Erica vanderLinde Feidner, was hand-selected as the guest speaker to address the global dealer network at the Bösendorfer International Convention in Vienna , Austria this month.”

The Music Trades

“While every piano salesperson likes to consider themselves an ‘expert,’ Feidner is the real thing, with an uncanny knack for matching people and pianos.”

Westport Now

Move over Martha Stewart and Ann Fudge and make room for Erica Feidner; Westport’s latest female business executive on the cover of a national magazine.

Bennington Banner

Former Miss Vermont sells top-of-the-line pianos.