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In Bennington Banner · Laura Raskin · May 26, 2004

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Former Miss Vermont sells
top-of-the-line pianos

From Bennington to New York, she has the ivory touch. “When opportunities fall into place in an easy and effortless way, they must be right.”

“This is how Erica Feidner, a Bennington native and the top salesperson for Steinway and Sons pianos in New York City for the last eight years, thought about the experience of landing on the cover of June’s Ins. Magazine. A profile accompanies her photograph and highlights her success as a salesperson, musician and burgeoning inspirational speaker.

“The while thing came together in a magical way,”Erica Feidner

“At a reception…Feidner was having wine and cheese and got talking to a woman who worked for Inc. Magazine, a glossy business publication. Feidner clicked with the woman instantly.

“‘Within 30 seconds we were laughing hysterically,’ [Feidner] said.

“The woman told Feidner about a sales package the magazine was producing and invited Feidner to be interviewed for it.

“I heard later I was on the cover, [Feidner] said”